Baby Feeding Toy Bowl

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  •  Size: 3" x 6.9" (17.5x7.5 CM) 

Sick of cleaning up after your kid has something to eat? 

The Spill-Proof Bowl is perfect for kids and babies to have fun while they eat, without all of the mess! The internal rotation design allows the bowl to stay upright at all times keeping the food inside where it belongs meaning NO MORE MESS to clean!

The end to dirt and mess after every meal of your child!!!. This Spill-Proof Bowl has a unique structure that does not allow food to pour out, no matter what your child will do. 



  • Dishwasher proof

    Made of high-quality & safe materials

    Size: 3" x 6.9" (17.5x7.5 CM)


***Note: Please Allow  2 - 4 Weeks  To Be Delivered*** 

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